In this roundup, we are going to take a look at some of the best customer feedback software you can use to schedule surveys/polls/quizzes and collect ratings, reviews, and other feedback.

There is one thing that we all crave for and that is impeccable customer service. Due to the pandemic, demand for online customer service has increased tremendously.

According to a survey, Americans said that 81% of businesses are meeting their customer service expectations or even exceeding them.

However, 40% of Americans think customer service has gotten better only recently. Nonetheless, it doesn’t change the fact that embedding a customer-first service culture in your business should always be a priority.

Thankfully, there is customer feedback management software to help.

The Best Customer Feedback Management Software in 2021

We decided to try and review some of the best customer feedback software and share our top picks with you.

1. Userwell – Best User Feedback Management Software

userwell main dashboard

First up, we have Userwell, a powerful product feedback management software for small teams. Userwell understands how important it is to gather product feedback, analyze and prioritize it, and then implement feedback to ship products that add real value for your customers.

To gather user insights and feedback, Userwell allows creating private and public feedback pages that your users can access. There are feedback votes that help decide winners and streamline prioritization for you. You can also directly chat with your customers using Userwell.

For analysis and prioritization, this customer feedback software allows you to run impact and effort analysis, use powerful search capabilities to sift through gathered feedback.

You can also connect Userwell to your payment streams to visualize monetary value for each feedback item on the board.

Lastly, to implement feedback, Userwell lets its users create roadmaps and publish them on customer feedback pages we talked about earlier. All your customers can see what is being prioritized, what is in progress, and what feedback items have already been shipped in a single view.

Also, Userwell integrates with over 1,000 third-party apps and services. You can easily integrate Userwell with your project management software to build detailed roadmaps for your team to work on while keeping your customers in the loop.

Key Features

  • Easily build public and private customer feedback pages and use them as you’d like; in-app or via a feedback survey campaign
  • Gather all customer feedback in a singular view for your team to look through and prioritize easily
  • Let your customers/users prioritize feedback items for you using feedback votes that help identify items that need to be prioritized before others
  • Connect Userwell with your payment services, such as Stripe, to visualize the monetary benefit each feedback item will bring
  • Run impact and effort analysis and put all customer feedback on the chart to help you identify low-hanging fruit and major releases
  • Build roadmaps for your customers to view at all times – connect Userwell with your favorite apps so your team has all the details while your customers only see what’s important


  1. Starter: starts at $29 per month, 2 projects and 3 team members, all integrations, API access, email support, and self-service for onboarding.
  2. Professional: starts at $96 per month, 5 projects and 10 team members, all integrations, API access, custom domain mapping, priority support, and concierge onboarding.
  3. Custom: starts at $160 per month, unlimited everything, all integrations, API access, custom domain mapping, and features, dedicated support manager, and concierge onboarding.

2. Usersnap – CX Management Software

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Usersnap ranks first on our list of the best customer feedback software this year. It is a CX feedback tool as much as it is bug tracking software and allows SaaS companies to embed a simple and intuitive customer feedback widget to obtain user feedback.

The feedback widget is easy to set up and requires little to no technical expertise (since it is a painless code injection via Google Tag Manager).

Once the feedback widget is embedded, users can easily send in responses to surveys, quality ratings, feedback, and report bugs back to you.

There are also lots of integrations available with Usersnap that can help you stay on top of user feedback + identified bugs/issues.

Furthermore, Usersnap is also an online tool that allows quality assurance teams to share annotated screenshots and critical visual feedback with web developers, clients, freelance teams, agencies, and more. This helps improve the time taken to identify, track, manage, and resolve bugs.

Key Features

  • Testers can use the widget or the browser extension to take screenshots and upload them easily
  • Supports 8+ languages to collect visual feedback and takes pixel-perfect screenshots from your specific browser
  • Automatically adds error logs from the client-side so the dev can identify JavaScript errors easily
  • Files device/browser specifications by itself, such as browser version, operating system, screen size, etc.
  • Compact dashboard to streamline all identified product, user, and website issues. Track status for each identified issue and better prioritize things that need attention
  • Conduct surveys with just a few clicks to accurately measure user satisfaction (key measures available: NPS and CSAT). Collect user feedback with clarity and seamlessly with an interactive widget
  • Painless configuration – requires little to no dev knowledge to get started with


  • Basic: The cost is $9 per month and annually it is $8 months. Includes features such as; 2 team members, 1 project, unlimited screens, and unlimited reporters, collect feedback items, dashboard, team collaboration, slack notification, credit card payment, and 100,000 page views/month.
  • Startup: The cost is $79 per month and annually it is $60 per month. Has all Basic plan features + 10 team members, 3 projects (QA & CX), integrates Jira and 26 other software, connects issue tracking solutions, and allows 400,000 page views/month.
  • Company: The cost is $149 per month and annually it is $129 per month. Has all Startup plan features + 15 team members, 10 projects (QA & CX), integrations (incl. customer service), connects 3 customer service apps, Usersnap customer care feature, client-side JS error recording, and allows 800,000 page views/month.
  • Enterprise: The cost is customized as per the customer’s needs. Has all Company plan features + unlimited team members, unlimited projects, premium support via chat/email, custom branding, full API access, and more.

3. SurveyMonkey

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We love software that prioritizes customer experience and puts user journeys at the heart of everything it has to offer. When reviewing SurveyMonkey, we felt just that.

As a customer feedback analytics software, they are committed to their members and surveys are the way they keep that commitment on track as a foundational tool.

Apart from top-notch customer representation, the purpose of SurveyMonkey is to understand what is trending and that helps in making predictions. Your company’s data can be managed with advanced security and control, which lets teams collaborate, share data with ease, and work safely.

Key Features

  • SurveyMonkey gives its members a variety of tools to configure and customize forms, and use templates.
  • Large quantities of surveys can be made at one go, without any limitations.
  • Since the outbreak of COVID-19, SurveyMonkey enables remote working allowing teams and customers to be followed up with ease.
  • Answers given by the users remain anonymous, which increases the accuracy of the answer.
  • They have an AI to rate your survey quality and predict its outcome!


  • Advantage: The cost is free forever. Includes 3 users, survey sharing with fine control over who can view and edit, gather comments all in one place, lets the team members analyze, filter, and export results, and much more.
  • Premier: The cost is at an annual payment of $75/user per month. Includes 3 users, shared asset library for on-brand surveys, free integrations with popular collaboration apps, unlimited surveys and questions, and much more.
  • Enterprise: The cost is customized. Features include all data exports (CSV, PDF, PPT, SPSS, XLS), unlimited filter and compare rules, remove SurveyMonkey footer, integrations with Salesforce, Marketo, Eloqua, and Tableau, and much more.

4. SurveySparrow

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SurveySparrow is a customer feedback management software and is known as one of the best customer feedback software.

We felt that they specialized in helping businesses of all sizes to have better engagement with their stakeholders, and amplify experiences and business through analytics.

It is a cloud-based survey solution, and it has features that include; recurring surveys, audience management, analytics, customization, and embedded surveys.

Managers can create and personalize surveys by using configurable built-in templates, in which customers can also leave comments after every response.

Key Features

  • They have delightful themes that can be used to create amazing conversational surveys through design processes.
  • You can make pretty and smart surveys that ask relevant questions based on past responses.
  • It was nice to be able to create personalized surveys instead of a ‘one-size-fits-all’ blasé one.
  • A diverse question can be created by using important data without making your surveys long and confusing.
  • Tasks, workflows channels can all be automated with a recurring feature and notifications for schedule reminder emails.
  • Surveys can be shared seamlessly through a wide range of channels. And the wonderful part is that instant reach and responses are guaranteed.


  • Free: The whole package is completely free to help the user get the right feel of the tool. The features it has are; 100 responses per month, 10 questions per survey, embedded survey, advanced reports filters, and 1500+ app integrations with Zapier.
  • Basic: The cost is billed $19 per month. Includes all the features of the Free plan, plus unlimited questions, 1000 responses, display logic, scoring, and sharing via email, social, web URL, widget, QR code.
  • Premium: The cost is billed $69 per month quarterly and an annual payment of $49 per month. Has all the features from Basic and includes; 10,000 responses per month, unlimited display & skip logics, multilingual surveys, reminders, accept payments, and schedule reports.
  • Business: The cost is billed $199 per month quarterly, and an annual payment of $149 per month.  Has all of the Premium features including; 50,000 responses, white-label surveys, salesforce & HubSpot integration, smart contact list, quizzes, and two users are included.
  • Enterprise: The cost is billed $599 per month quarterly and an annual payment of $499 per month. Has all of the Business features including; 200,000 responses, NPS® workflows, NPS® trends & dashboard, SMTP relay, user management, and 10 users are included.
  • Elite: The cost is customized. Has all of the Enterprise features including; custom data center (US/EU), minimum 10 users, single sign-on (SSO), IP whitelisting, sub-accounts, and customized billing.

5. Podium – Customer Feedback Management

podium dashboard

Podium is a customer feedback management software, which uses text messaging to help businesses enable their customer relationships and develop a positive online image on different websites.

It aids in bringing customer interactions and online reviews into a single dashboard, which helps in online review management. Podium also allows businesses to respond/react to online reviews, and also gives business reports for daily work operations.

Examples of insights that you can get using Podium’s customer feedback management platform include sentiment analysis, competitive benchmarking, and more.

Key Features

  • We felt as if it helped us ease up the process by making collections, review solicitations, and even internal communications
  • Seamless integration with third-party apps and POS. Also, there was no per text fee
  • Easier for customers to leave Google reviews with just a few clicks
  • There is a mobile app with high ratings that lets you manage customer conversations with ease on-the-go
  • It helps keeps the internal team communication channels open with the team chat tool, for both individual and group conversations
  • As Podium’s customer, every account receives a client success manager, making sure they use the software to its’ optimal level


Podium doesn’t have set pricing plans, however, it starts at $399 per month for a single location. The total cost depends on your number of locations and the products you choose to purchase from Podium’s complete interaction management suite.

6. Userback – Customer Feedback Analytics

userback main interface

Userback is one of the best customer feedback analytics software, which helps a person collect and manage high-quality feedback from websites and applications with the use of video and annotated screenshots.

It helps users maintain and upgrade the customer experience. Userback’s customer feedback management software is a great time-saver for designers, developers, product managers, and web agencies.

You receive instant notifications when new feedback is given, which helps in streamlining workflows that have been connected by Userback.

It also integrates with project management tools like Jira, Slack, Basecamp, and many more. Invite your team and clients for collaborations to give feedback.

Key Features

  • You, your team, and your clients never have to leave the page. Receive visual feedback from them on any web page directly from your website.
  • Customers can also give video feedback. All you need to do is collect video feedback directly from your website, without the interference of 3rd party tools or browser extensions.
  • You can share images and design concepts with your clients, letting you get feedback instantly to speed up the execution.
  • Feedback reporters can almost instantly draw and write text directly on your website or image with Userback’s modern annotation tool. This is such a lifesaver and works well on screens of all sizes.
  • The great part is that it manages customer feedback for all of your web projects from one place and saves time.
  • Never miss important feedback again! Simple and quick notification updates can be set up that way you care to see when customer feedback has been added and updated.


  • Team: The cost is $19 per month or $16 per month if paid annually. This is great to collect feedback in small teams. Includes 5 users, 3 projects, unlimited reporters, unlimited page views, collects unlimited feedback, and more.
  • Agency: The cost is $49 per month or $42 per month if paid annually. Includes 10 users, 15 projects, design feedback management, user restriction management, public comments, Javascript API, and more.
  • Corporate: The cost is $69 per month or $59 per month if paid annually. This is great to manage web projects for clients. Features include unlimited users and projects, export feedback, widget branding and gives the option to remove powered by Logo.

7. Clarabridge – Customer Feedback Surveys

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It won’t be wrong to say Clarabridge is among the best customer feedback software available today. They aim to help businesses win the hearts of their customers and in the process, they won ours.

Clarabridge is for those people that are data-driven and use it to empower their relationship with their customers.

They use AI-powered text and speech analytics, which helps them, take and use pragmatic insights from every customer interaction for sales growth.

This allows Clarabridge to ensure compliance and increase operational efficiencies. This shows that they are always looking for a way to innovate and improve themselves.

Key Features

  • There are strategic vision and alignment and in that the features assessed our program’s current state and future objectives, and after that, they partnered up with us to develop and productive and efficient roadmap.
  • Clarabridge optimized our configuration, by gathering business requirements identifying key customer segments and how they would impact customer relationships and interactions.
  • They made us a joint implementation plan and showed us how structured and unstructured customer feedback data can be visualized through customization.
  • Clarabridge architected the technical components of each solution by automating the feedback received from sources into their platform.
  • This platform also enables your business partners to create an understanding of how they can view insights regularly and analyze key drivers of the customer perspective. This is exceptionally helpful when it comes to designing and implementing key strategy components.
  • Stakeholders are educated about the platform and its capabilities early on so they can discuss how to support their specific needs will help drive their goals.


Clarabridge’s pricing plans are set through customization after a demo has been requested and their representatives have been contacted.

8. Ybug – Visual Feedback and Bug Reporting Tool

ybug bug tracking and customer feedback software

Ybug simplifies receiving visual feedback and bug reports from your website users or testers. Provide your users/testers with a Feedback Widget or Browser extension and allow them to send feedback along with annotated screenshots.

Get all the information you need to fix the bug, including a screenshot of the page, automatically captured browser environment info, console log, and other metadata.

Do you already use a project management tool, team chat, or customer support service? No problem!

Ybug integrates with many 3rd party apps such as Asana, Basecamp, GitHub, GitLab, Microsoft Teams, Teamwork Projects, and many more. The functionality is straightforward, very easy to use, and gives you comprehensive insights into your projects.

Key Features

  • Collect feedback with screenshots – get a screenshot of the page along with the feedback and all the necessary context such as the browser and environment details
  • Client-side error recording – We capture Javascript errors and console output for faster bug reproduction and debugging
  • Integrates with other bug tracking tools and 3rd party services
  • Works in all modern browsers
  • Dedicated extensions for Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox browsers
  • Easy to set up & customize
  • Email and chat support
  • 🔥 Coming Soon: Video bug tracking – a feature we haven’t seen most visual bug tracking tools offer and could be a great USP for Ybug (currently in development).


  1. Free: This plan offers the user to meet the tool, use the features and get the right feel of it. 1 team member with 1 project. Includes 20k pageviews/month, Unlimited feedback, 50 screenshots, Limited e-mail notifications, Basic support.
  2. Basic: 5 team members with 3 projects. The cost is €13 per month or annually €10 per month. 100k pageviews/month, Unlimited feedback, Unlimited screenshots, E-mail notifications, Basic support, Limited JS console logging, Browser extensions, 20+ integrations.
  3. Startup: 15 team members with 10 projects. The cost is €29 per month or annually €23 per month. This plan includes 200k pageviews/month, Unlimited feedback, Unlimited screenshots, E-mail notifications, Basic support, JS console logging, Browser extensions, 20+ integrations, Project permissions, Custom data retention.
  4. Company: 30 team members with 15 projects. The cost is €59 per month or annually €47 per month. Includes 300k pageviews/month, Unlimited feedback, Unlimited screenshots, E-mail notifications, Priority support, JS console logging, Browser extensions, 20+ integrations, Project permissions, Custom data retention, No branding.

9. BugHerd – Feedback Task Management

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As a customer feedback analytics software, Bugheard is one of the top customer feedback software for the field. It is great for those who collect and genuinely act on client feedback.

Therefore, Bugherd is great for individuals and companies that manage internal and external website feedback.

The wonderful part is that it has a sticky-note pinning feature for client feedback, and it also tracks bugs directly to the page.

The browser extension and the sidebar make it even easier to operate and they send the complete information from the feedback or the bug report submitted.

Key Features

  • Simple and easy to use, BugHerd can be installed within minutes and for maximum flexibility, we recommend that you install both the browser extension and Javascript.
  • BugHerd is a virtual layer on top of the website that is only visible to your team and your clients.
  • It is simple to report any issue, by just pointing & clicking on any element. The feedback is then pinned directly to the website issue.
  • None of the data gets lost because developers can access the issue and its details from the website.
  • It makes it easy that there are key details on every issue logged with all the data required to find a solution.
  • The Kanban board is simple to use and people can manage their projects with ease.


  • Standard: The cost is set annually and it is $39 per month. Includes features, such as 5 members, unlimited guests, and projects, screenshots can be taken via browser extension only, allows Slack/Github/Basecamp integrations, and 10 GB storage.
  • Studio: The cost is set annually and it is $59 per month. Features include 10 members, Zapier integration, annotations via browser extension only, and 20 GB storage.
  • Premium: The cost is set annually and it is $109 per month. Features include 25 members, a custom logo, screenshots that can be taken without a browser extension, guests can see feedback from other guests, 50 GB storage.
  • Deluxe: The cost is set annually and it is $189 per month. Features include 50 members and 150 GB storage.

10. Saber Feedback

saber customer feedback software

We felt that when we were trying out Saber Feedback that it was a good software to record and analyze customer feedback. It helps improve the User Experience and point the bugs, and it is great to gather general feedback for strategizing insights and making solid developments.

As a productivity tool, this is a must-have since it eliminates those endless email chains and misunderstandings with your website users.

Quite a few of Saber Feedback customers use it as the core function of their website. It may be because it delivers direct meaningful feedback from users.

Key Features

  • Saber Feedback can be installed at the site in less than one minute! Simple and fast installation guaranteed.
  • With Saber Feedback you can use Net Promoter Score and Rating and quickly search through all your feedback.
  • You can create your own customized perfect website feedback form with Saber Feedback’s easy-to-use detailed form builder.
  • Saber Feedback lets you customize and style your feedback button from the control panel. This is a wonderful feature since the design of the button and website are parallel to one another.
  • Feedback and its details can be emailed directly to you and screenshots can be attached as well.
  • The Net Promoter Score (NPS) can be used by Saber Feedback to check your score on your website and immediately connect with your best customers.


  • Bootstrap: The cost is $29 per month. Can accommodate up to 5 team members and 3 feedback forms.
  • Startup: The cost is set annually and it is $59 per month. Features include 25 team members, 10 feedback forms, screenshots, and third-party integrations.
  • Corporate: The cost is $199 per month. Features include 500 team members, 25 feedback forms, add your branding, priority support.

11. Fynzo – Customer Feedback Software

fynzo main dashboard

One of the best platforms out of this list is Fynzo customer feedback. It specially functions keeping the ease of user handling in mind. No complex methods to work, makes it popular amongst its users.

This comes with the ability to do all those things that any top customer feedback software would do.

Since it is a steadily growing online feedback system, you can expect regular improvements and required fixes that need to be made. It also comes with new and updated features with time.

We know that it is easy to handle, so complex processes like data analysis become easier as well. Just a few basic steps can give you the complete interpretation of the collected data.

Wondering what else it could do? Navigate easily through the Fynzo dashboard to find out more tools that could come handy for making customer feedback forms.

Only you can understand how you could make use of any tool for your benefit. So, use it to gain the maximum benefit and make full use of your subscription.

Key Features

  • Firstly, it is the wide range of available templates for use in the customer feedback surveys. Go through the templates to find the one that suits exactly what you need and looks appealing to you.
  • Collect data from as many people required to get accurate data. There is no limit to how much you can survey. Neither is there a limit to how many times you can collect customer feedback. 
  • Share the survey questionnaire links via any platform. Embedded links and QR codes can be sent anywhere.
  • Jump logic and question branching features saves both your as well as the time of your audience. Respondents answer only relevant questions based on their choices itself. This feature brings a wave of relief to the user as it avoids making the surveys too lengthy and repetitive. 
  • Videos, images and all these entities that make the survey interesting can be easily added.


  • Starter: $19 per month. This pack is like the basic plan with amazing features to offer like 12,000 responses.
  • Standard: $32 per month. The plan is mostly used by companies and offers 60,000 responses.
  • Premium: $79 per month. Comes with unlimited responses and is best if you need to collect huge amounts of data.

All these plans let you make an unlimited number of surveys. An exciting addition to this is users can find a free version as well as free trial with the plans.

12. DeBugMe – User Feedback & Bug Tracking

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Debug is one of the best customer feedback software and has a free customer feedback software option as well.  We loved it for its effective passion and top-notch productivity.

It felt as if it allowed a far more efficient way of working with bugs the way current solutions do, and it is great for developers and designers.

Their mission is to help designers and developers focus on what they do and make their communication with clients shorter and effective. They don’t just say it, they live up to it! DeBugMe is a bug tracking software that is designed to work well with startups and SMEs.

Key Features

  • One of the best features we used on DeBugMe was that there is a feedback toolbar that lets you report the issues directly from your website.
  • DeBugMe helps to create the perfect environment for small teams to work together. With its Kanban board, it helps keep team members on the same page.
  • If you use DebugMe, you can get the most out of Jira, Trello, Redmine, Pivotal Tracker, and other awesome solutions that add value to your work.
  • The toolbar lets us send high-quality feedback about the website to our development team, which has made reporting so much easier.
  • The DeBugMe toolbar lets users keep track of submitted tasks and filter them based on their status. All accepted tasks are automatically archived on the Kanban board.
  • It is useful as both, a feedback tool and a great tool to build communication for team collaboration.


  • Starter: The cost is free forever. Includes 2 users, 2 projects, easy to use feedback tool, a customizable Kanban board, and support.
  • Standard: The cost is $10 per month and annually it is $45 per month. Features include 10 users, 5 projects, 3rd Party Integrations, priority support, integration with 10+ bug tracking tools, and integration with 10+ project management tools.
  • Professional: The cost is $24 per month and annually it is $19 per month. Features include 20 users and 10 projects.
  • Enterprise: The cost is $49 per month and annually it is $45 per month. Features include 60users, 30 projects, premium priority support, and custom integrations.

13. OpinionLab

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Next up is OpinionLab. This is a renowned Voice of Customer (VoC) solutions provider and specializes in customer experience optimization.

It does so by capturing rich context customer/user feedback. Once collected, you can then run advanced analytics on your user feedback to make informed decisions.

This customer feedback management and analytics software is trusted by some of the world’s leading teams that use it to optimize various digital outlets.

From website redesign to optimizations, eCommerce, user journey mapping, CRM integration, and more – OpinionLab helps businesses of all sizes with a diverse set of needs to collect, manage, and analyze user feedback.

Key Features

  • OpinionLab was flexible to use especially for making changes to survey questions, layout, and text.
  • Google Analytics can be integrated for additional tracking, which allows ease for tracking customer responses.
  • We had a wonderful experience with their all-hands-on-deck support team that was very knowledgeable and have a high response rate to requests.
  • Work can easily be deployed, because of their custom installs or standard templates.
  • Reporting has been made easier with the interface and smooth delivery options for automated reports.
  • There are different types of methods for extracting the real-time voice of the customer comments and be used during product launches, releases, or other critical timeframes.


OpinionLab doesn’t have any set price plans, however, you can contact them and they then establish your needs and make a customized price package for you.

14. Typeform

typeform main interface

Typeform is known as the future of online and surveys, and they have shown us just that. As a customer feedback analytics software, they make sure that brand interactions are powered with beautifully designed. We loved using their online forms and surveys.

The process entails collecting feedback, signing up people to events, receive job applications take payments, and create interactive stories or engaging quizzes.

Typeform has amazing analytics, and it let us set up in infinite ways with the minimal use of UX, and they have a smooth speedy process to create and publish surveys.

Key Features

  • Typeform’s API allows the user to integrate surveys and forms with other applications, which increases convenience.
  • There are a lot of different items available with the drag and drop feature, which makes it easy in creating forms however you like.
  • A free account can create unlimited forms. Yay!
  • The forms and surveys can include multiple-choice questions, pictures, rating scales, and opinion scales.
  • Typeform has an extremely interactive and user-friendly interface, which is easy to use.
  • There is a powerful feature in Typeform called Logic Jumps, which allows you to integrate your logic with the tools.


  • Essentials: The cost is billed $35 per month and an annual payment of $30 per month. Includes 1,000 responses per month, 3 logic jumps per Typeform, unlimited Typeforms, unlimited questions, file upload (2GB storage), and more.
  • Professional: The cost is $50 per month. Includes 5,000 responses per month, unlimited logic jumps, integrations with Facebook Pixel, Google Tag Manager, HubSpot, and more.
  • Premium: The cost is billed $70 per month and an annual payment of $50 per month. Includes 10,000 responses per month, (up to 100k per month available), file upload (4GB storage), close on response limit, priority support, and more.

15. Survicate

survicate main interface

We felt that or the best customer feedback software, Survicate pushes teams and businesses for faster growth. This Net Promoter Score (NPS) software helps capture more customer feedback so they can deliver a far better experience.

Therefore, customers respond better to the surveys.

Surveys can be sent via email, link, or chat. Targeted surveys can be run on websites or in web apps or mobile apps. Survicate helps develop and gain access to a world-class customer success team, and gain a strong partner every step of the way. It is one of the top-notch customer feedback management software.

Key Features

  • Survicate helps create surveys with the help of its quick-to-use, powerful yet lightweight survey tool.
  • The quickest and easiest way to collect and deploy website feedback and user insights.
  • Survicate and NPS have partnered up to capture actionable feedback to proactively reduce agitation and drive growth.
  • Users have given the Survicate Mobile App five stars and we agree with them! It allows you to gather insights with ease on the go.
  • You can add a Feedback Button to your website and increases interaction with your users to share their ideas, bugs, concerns, and appreciation, etc.
  • It’s a one-stop solution to customer management. It allows you to organize, discover patterns, and act to create experiences customer-oriented experiences.


  • Free: The cost is free forever. Includes features such as; 100 survey responses every month, 125+ professional survey templates, email embeddable surveys, respondent identification and enrichment, Hubspot integration, and more.
  • Essential: The cost is billed $99 per month. Has all of the Free plan features including; 1,000 survey responses every month, and more.
  • Professional: The cost is billed $199 per month. Has all of the Essential features including; 5,000 survey responses every month, custom branding, advanced targeting, automated recurring surveys, and more.
  • Ultimate: The cost is billed $499 per month. Has all of the Professional features including; 25,000 survey responses every month, premium integrations: Marketo, Pardot, and Salesforce, custom domain mapping, SAML authentication, and more.

16. Helio – Marketing Customer Feedback

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Previously known as Verify, there is a reason why it is known as one of the best customer feedback software. It lets users collect and analyze visitor feedback – both quantitative and qualitative.

Helio is best for marketing and product management teams that want feedback on copy, screens, images, or videos. You can either share your survey with your user base or use Helio’s audience to provide you unbiased feedback.

Helio is a powerful feedback management software to record and analyze customer feedback, especially for testing ideas before implementing them.

Customer-focused businesses are constantly adjusting their requirements, and this is great for those businesses that need empowering feedback.

Key Features

  • Helio helps target deliveries for the right experience, by helping the user select devices for particular surveys and tests.
  • Any type of media can be used with flexibility. Users can get a reaction to copy, screens, images, or videos no matter where the user is in their production cycle.
  • The intuitive test-creation process empowers allows teams to optimize their testing approach, customize the flow, and collect more feedback.
  • Organizations need to speak its customers, Helio’s collaborative tool brings their feedback to your team, and finds answers together.
  • You can share ideas with your customers on the website and ask them to give feedback regarding the experience of the product or service.
  • Helio has powerful tools to get insights by reaching out to your existing database of employees, customers, or leads.


Users can sign up for a free Helio account, and create their first test within minutes. They only have to pay for tests when they are ready to send them. It is one of the best free customer feedback software.

17. Get Satisfaction

get satisfaction main interface

Get Satisfaction may not be free customer feedback software, but it is an affordable one. Implementation of this software is seamless and easy, and companies are up running them almost immediately rather than waiting months on end.

The customer community platform design makes it easy for everyone to use, from a one-time visitor looking for customer feedback to your in-house expert.

We liked the fact that anyone can join and get the right value right away, from any device. This helps turn customer insights into valuable profits.

Key Features

  • There is comprehensive customer community software, which lets customers connect with companies and other customers.
  • Integration is done with ease on social media, mobile apps, websites, and much more.
  • This software has a simple implementation, which runs quickly with little or no IT involvement.
  • Users can take action with powerful management tools, which are equipped with; moderation, people management, content curation tools, assignment tools, internal notes, and private conversations.
  • It has a performance-boosting feature called the Champion Badge, which promotes experts and super-users to a higher status to recognize them publicly and gives them special benefits.
  • There is a community health analytics dashboard that helps understand and act on customer feedback, opinions, behaviors, and needs.


Get Satisfaction doesn’t publicly display costing details. This customer feedback software provides customized plans for customers based on their needs.

18. AskNicely

asknicely main interface

It is always nice to have an all-in-one solution for customer experiences, and AskNicely is one of them.

It is great at recording and analyzing customer feedback, especially since it uses the Net Promoter Score (NPS) framework for accuracy and controlling the frequency of customer data that can be used in the surveys.

AskNicely is great for those front-line teams that need motivation through performance and recognition. It also simplifies and reduces your tech stack through integrations with Slack, Salesforce, and many more.

AskNicely helps you build a community of a customer-first culture by putting their feedback upfront.

Key Features

  • We were thrilled that AskNicely also applies the NPS® framework, which is the simplest way to gather, understand, and act on customer feedback.
  • It is also the world’s first customer experience coaching app that is great for on-the-go.
  • It also integrates well with Salesforce, Hubspot, Microsoft Dynamics, and many other platforms.
  • The NPS system also helps keep a score of every customer and the experience they had.
  • AskNicely immediately coaches every team member on what they’re doing well and the areas of improvement.
  • There are push notifications and automated workflows that make it easy to respond instantly, escalate issues, and close resolved customer feedback.


AskNicely has different pricing plans, however, the price is only revealed to the customer once they sign up and book a demo. The various plans are below.

  • Customer Feedback: The purpose is to enable, measure, and improve every customer experience. The features include email, website, and SMS surveys, track NPS, CSAT, CES, respond at scale with automated workflows, mobile app, and TV dashboards, and integrations with 40+ platforms.
  • Front-Line Coaching: This is great for organizations to motivate and empower their front-line staff. Features include personalized employee scorecards, staff recognition, and shout-outs, front-line employee suggestions, and executive performance dashboards.
  • Custom Solutions: This is a tailored made option for enterprise businesses. Features include premium integrations with Salesforce, SSO, Okta, Microsoft, Google, custom development, support for multiple locations & brands.

We are happy with our list of the best customer feedback software this year. It makes a difference in what type of software you use to gather crucial customer feedback.

Have you ever relied on customer feedback software? If so, which one and why? Help us by sharing your views in the comments below.

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